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If you have ever bought children's books and items on another site, such as Ebay or Amazon, then you know that sellers sometimes vary in their standards regarding what is in brand new, like new, very good, and good used condition. When you see these conditions stated in listings, you can be certain that A Child's Treasure Place has very high standards. Items will always be sent to you clean! For example, I do not ship books that are dirty, scribbled in, torn, or missing story pages. These books should be recycled, but not sold to you. If there are any markings, names, or extra wear, these things will be clearly stated in the listing.

Brand New/Sealed is exactly that. The item has never been read or used, and it does not have signs of noticeable store or warehouse handling. It is in 99.9% perfect condition.

Like New/Mint Condition is an item that has been handled carefully and possibly read once, but it is still in such excellent shape that you will have to look extremely close to see any signs of previous use. If there is a warehouse reminder line on the bottom of pages, this will be stated in the listing and usually shown in a photo. Often books that come from book stores are in this sort of condition. Sometimes customers have handled them and glanced through them, but they are still worthy of being sold as new.

Gently Used: Very Good is an item that shows very little signs of use or cover wear. It might be a new book that only has a name written in it. There might be a name blackened or covered with a white label on the inside of the book. There might also be a warehouse remainder line on the bottom of the pages. If this is the case, it will be clearly stated in the listing and usually shown in a photo. Everything else about the book will be excellent.

Used: Good is an item that could have cover or corner wear, signs of page turning, a former owner's name, and a possible repair. Any and all of these signs of use will be clearly stated in the listing and usually shown in the photos. It is still a clean copy with several more readings left.

Used is an item that is in acceptable, clean condition, but it has definitely been previously loved and enjoyed due to the level of wear or age. It will continue to be useful in its current condition. All signs of previous use will be clearly stated and shown in the photos. Please expect possible page yellowing with older, vintage editions or hard to find, used books.

*If a book comes with a dust jacket, it will be stated in the listing. Information regarding hardcover, softcover (paperback), cloth book, or board book, will also be clearly stated.

In some cases, book size and page number information did not transfer in our move from another online site. If you do not see size information or page number information and you need to know, please contact us.